Xraised provides viewers with valuable insights into the latest trends and triumphs of entrepreneurship, as well as giving a voice to founders driving innovation across the globe.

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Xraised is a unique online platform dedicated to showcasing interviews with founders and industry experts. What sets us apart is our personalized approach, with in-depth video interviews conducted by our skilled journalists. We go beyond the surface to bring out the essence of their goals, experiences, and vision for their companies.
By featuring your company on Xraised, you gain exposure through a professionally conducted video interview. Not only does this provide a human touch to your story, but we also amplify your reach by crafting articles distributed across our network of 100+ online journals, maximizing visibility for your brand.
Absolutely! We understand the importance of a good match. While we strive to pair each interviewee with the most suitable journalist, you are welcome to express preferences, ensuring a comfortable and engaging interview experience.
Our team works efficiently to deliver a polished video interview within a reasonable timeframe. Typically, you can expect your interview to be published on the platform within two to four days from the date of recording.
Xraised is versatile and caters to a wide range of industries. Our goal is to feature insightful interviews from founders and experts across various sectors, providing a diverse and enriching experience for our audience.
We welcome nominations! You can submit a nomination through our website, providing details about the individual and why you believe their story would be valuable to share. Our team reviews all nominations and reaches out for potential interviews.
Absolutely. We understand the power of social media. Upon publication, we actively promote interviews across our social media channels, and we encourage featured individuals and companies to share the content within their networks, maximizing the impact of the interview.

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